Words cannot express how grateful I am! A few months back, I was asked by one of my previous design professors at Miami International University of Art & Design to join a brand competition for a company called ISS. This corporate business provides security systems to TDBank, Baptist Hospital, cruises and other businesses throughout the United States and Canada. ISS offered a scholarship to the winner and today I received the news that I won!!! The CEO gave me a plaque with their new brand that I made. The logo will be all over the united states, in the security systems, vans etc. What an achievement! Jeremiah 29:11 ✨  (at Miami International University of Art & Design)
Saved with amazing GRACE | creating some handlettered goodies for an upcoming project @atstudios ✒️ (at AT Studios)
There’s so many people in this world, I’m so blessed to have found my partner so soon in life. Best part is that he loves God 😍❤️ | XO
We had a great time last night! We learned that we are all part of a perfect plan & it only takes God to focus on our purpose!  Sometimes it might be hard to keep going in life if we don’t know what is our purpose. “We ask God why but he says just get up and do!”
 (at New Beginning Church)
"I’m learning that it’s okay to be frustrated with where I’m at. I’m learning that God doesn’t keep a list of all the times I’m upset with Him to hold over my head when He wants to. It’s okay to ask questions and be unsure because a relationship will have conflict and it will have low points but it is from those moments that deeper intimacy grows. And God will always resolve. He won’t leave the conflict hanging because He is not an unfinished story. I’m learning that even though I may not get my answers, I will always have Him and He is answer enough. He is the answer to the questions I should have been asking all along."
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"Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent. -Eleanor Roosevelt"
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do you ever get the feeling that your friends just dont care

If you get that feeling they’re probably not your “friend”